HPLC solvent filtration apparatus 47 mm, GL 45

Allows direct filtration from the original HPLC bottle thanks to the PTFE tubing attached to the filtration unit. Only glass and PTFE are in contact with the solvent. 2,5 l or 4 l reservoir allows filtration of complete solvent bottle content. Filtration unit is then exchanged by 2- hole HPLC Mobile Phase Cap. This cap allows connection of tubing for solvent extraction and degassing. The conical bottom reservoir allows delivery of virtually all the solvent without dangerous tilting of the bottle.


Cat. No. Description Units
H-GL-570375 Top adapter, with hose connection and straight stopcock 1
H-GL-570376 Fritted filter support base with socket 40/38 1
H-GL-570377 Reservoir 2500 ml amber conical bottom 1
H-GL-570378 Reservoir 4000 ml amber conical bottom 1
H-GL-570379 Adapter conical joint 40/38 for reservoir 1
H-GL-570380 Metallic clamp 1
H-GL-570381 T-series cap for GL45 bottle 2 lines 1


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