• This model is useful for teaching human anatomy and physiology in schools.
  • Its helps students to understand the external features and the internal structures of the heart and its relation with the large blood vessels.
  • A clearer conception of the routes of the systemic and the pulmonary circulation can be obtained.
  • It separates into 2 parts after the arch of aorta and the pulmonary trunk are removed.
  • Both the atria and the ventricles with the atrio-ventricular valves (bicuspid and tricuspid) and the semilunar valves (pulmonary and aortic) can be seen in great anatomical detail, after the front heart wall is removed.
  • The model is hand painted in full color, and priced well below any heart models of this quality.
  • The model is mounted on a base and numbered with an English Key Card.


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