Power Supply (D.C) Regulated (Digital) 0-30V: Capacity: 10A

The DC Regulated Power Supply is an easy to use, low ripple high regulation precision instrument. Its unique feature is overload protection which makes it a safe power source for testing of electronic equipment.

Both voltage and current are precisely regulated with low output ripple. The power supply can be operated in either constant voltage or constant current mode and is protected against overload or short circuit by means of automatic cross-over characteristics from C.V. to C.C.

The output voltage and currents can be read on a meter. A switch is provided to select the LOW or HIGH’ range of current. Maximum voltage is 30 volts.


Indication of: 3 1/2 digital panel meter voltage/ currentor analog panel meter

Accuracy of DPM: 0.5% 1 digit

Line Regulation: 0.05% plus 2 mv(for 10% change in mains voltage)

Protection: Automatic cross-over type of output characteristic from C.V. to C.C.


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