Projection Microscope (Doom Type) (KW -700 C)

This Microscope is Compact in Size & can easily project distortion free clear image on a fine ground glass screen.

Microscope with built-in 6V-20W halogen lamp.6″ dia projection head, coarse and fine motion two objectives 10x & 45x. The mechanical stage for slide manipulation, complete in box (superior quality).

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Body : Monocular fixed straight tube (Length – 160mm)

Nosepiece : Triple revolving Nosepiece with positive click stops

Stage: 110 x 110mm square stage is provided with stage clips to hold the slide (optional Mechanical Stage).

Illumination: LED Lamp

Objectives : Achromatic 4x, 10x & 40x

Eyepiece: Hyugenian 10x

Screen: 150mm diameter glass projection screen is provided which can be rotated over 360 degrees on  Microscope tube.

Packing : Securely packed in Cardboard & Styrofoam box.


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